Easy to Use

It doesn’t get any easier. Enter a Product Code, Description, Quantity, and as many Tags as you need, and click save. That’s the documentation folks!  Sign-up and try it for yourself if you don’t believe us. You can even add a comment like “You are the BOSS!” if that makes you feel better.

Very Flexible

Only use the information about your inventory that’s important to you. Create unlimited tags and associate them with your inventory records, and use those tags to filter and search through your stock. No crazy long forms to fill out with a bunch of stuff you don’t even use. Huzzah!

Forever Free

How can we offer all this for free?  In a word – advertising.  The same folks that crawl your email and display ads (yes, I’m looking at you Google) will display ads in the margins, just like on every other site you visit these days.  If you see an ad for something you like and click it – we get paid.  If you don’t click the ad – a puppy dies.*  It’s THAT simple!

*In the most horrible way possible.**

**Relax, we’re totally joking.  We love puppies!


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